The Lockdown & COVID-19 UPDATE

Its been an odd few months hasn't it?

We had the floods at the start of the year and coronavirus keeping us in lockdown and away from our families, but we have had some amazing things come out of it all, from Captain Tom Moore raising over £30 Million for NHS for walking a hundred laps in his garden, to more and more people realising they can work from the comfort of their own homes and discovering new hobbies.

Small businesses have been hit hard over the pandemic and as you know we have been closed now since March 23rd 2020. It was a very sad day for me because all of the plans I had for the future of Boomerang Studios suddenly came to a halt. I had to get in touch with all my clients to tell the the bad news that I had to rearrange their shoots. I couldn't capture their child's first birthday with a cake smash or even do the Easter mini shoots so many parents were excited to do.

It was a hard time and it was a time where I felt that everything I had built over the last three years came tumbling down around me. I know that most of us will have had hard times over these past few months.

But thanks too all my amazing customers and friends we have managed to get through this together and we are now proud to say we will be open on the 17th June 2020! We will be taking bookings also for a limited number of services to begin with and won't be doing big family shoots in the studio, but we will be doing all family shoots outdoors with up to 5 people.

All cake smashes will go ahead as normal and we will only allow one parent and the child having the cake smash into the studio, but we will be offering our £35 video for only £10!

We have a few deals on at the moment too including *Newborn shoots, so if you had a child that was/is born between the 15th March 2020 and the 15th June 2020 then we are giving you a discount. When booking add coupon code 'NEWBORN'

Will only work on the following packages


Thank you for all of your support and custom since 2016, before we even had a studio, and thank you for all of the support during this pandemic! Wishing you all the best.

*T&C - Only available to babies born since the 15th March 2020. If the discount code is used and it isn't for the correct purpose the studio has the right to cancel the appointment or charge full price.

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