The History of Boomerang Studios Cake Smash


In April 2019, I decided that I wanted to open a studio to expand my business. One of the first new services I added to the then unnamed Boomerang Studios, was the Cake Smash Sessions. At this point I had no Cake Smash Photography experience nor did I have any photos to show of the new studio.

At this point my sister said that she would happily let my niece Holly be the face of the Cake Smash, Win Win because I got some amazing photos to help promote the New Cake Smash and my sister got some amazing photos of Holly.

Holly C's Cake Smash Session

This cake smash was some of the best fun I have had doing photography in years.

To say my background is in Film and that where my degree is, it was amazing to use this skills to get something like this and something that i enjoyed.

Doggy Cake Smash Molly

Over the last twelve months I have built up

my portfolio and now have three cake smash packages. Its even teed off to a new idea of Doggy Cake Smashes, which my little pooch, and annoying Patterdale Molly, kindly let me take photos of her, though we had to bribe her with her favourite treat Peanut Butter and Banana Frozen.

We have had all sorts of different babys come in to the studio and do different things with the cake.

We had Quinn, who Just full on went in and ate the cake like their was no tomorrow.

William who was so upset that he cried for 90% of the Cake Smash and the cute Jack who so delicately, pulled the cake apart and ate it with such care.

Then their was Ezra, my nephew Ezra, He never ate a bit of the Cake and I think he took cake smash literally as he punched that cake until it was flat as a pancake.

Over the last twelve months we have had so much fun capturing all of you Cake Smash moments, and we can't wait to make more memories in the future.


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